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​Visiting the dentist is actually a pleasant experience when you visit Woodmen Views Dentistry. Your entire family can enjoy the convenience and care we offer in our Colorado Springs office. No more taking the kids to a pediatric dentist across town, and the rest of your family visiting a different dental practice. We offer a caring atmosphere that ensures you receive the dental treatment you need. Discover why Woodmen Views Dentistry is the dental office Colorado Springs residents prefer.
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Our dental office provides general dental careteeth whiteningcrowns and bridgesveneersdental implants and many more services. You will discover that Woodmen Views Dentistry offers the most comprehensive and comfortable dental services under one roof in Colorado Springs. Call us today  (719) 358-6998  to schedule your appointment.

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Preventative Dentistry

The best problems are the ones that never happen.  A dedicated partnership between us helps keep optimum health in focus, allowing you to enjoy life.  Key links between oral and general health underscore the value of a preventative plan.  Your oral condition tops the priority list, but let’s work together to keep your overall wellness on track.

Cosmetic Dentistry

A stunning smile speaks volumes on its own.  In fact, studies confirm that confident smiles open doors to better careers, deeper social opportunities, and a richer sense of well-being. A brilliant array of options mixed with Dr. Moore’s extensive training brings a smile boost within reach.  Finding your customized solution makes for a meaningful conversation!

Implant Dentistry

​Despite the best efforts, teeth can be lost by anyone, anytime, anywhere. But don’t despair: leaps in technology continue to bring better solutions to the forefront. Endless possibilities await, covering every scenario involving missing teeth. Quickly regain self-esteem and confidence with durable, esthetic dental implants from Woodmen Views Dentistry.

Dental Services In Colorado Springs

Dental Bonding

Bonding is among the easiest and least expensive cosmetic dental procedure. The composite resin used in bonding can be shaped and polished to match the surrounding teeth. At Woodmen Views Dentistry we can help.

Dental Fillings

Dental fillings repair damaged or decayed teeth and restore normal function. Learn about the reasons you may need a filling and about the options that exist. At Woodmen Views Dentistry we can help!

Dental Crowns

Besides strengthening a damaged tooth, a crown can be used to improve its appearance, shape or alignment. A crown can also be placed on top of an implant to provide a tooth-like shape.

Teeth Whitening

Whitening is a simple, safe and effective technique when administered by a properly trained dental professional. Have whiter teeth, contact Woodmen Views Dentistry Today! Best views in Colorado Springs!

Dental Veneers

Dr. Moore is an expert veneers dentist and provides dental veneers so that patients can restore damaged teeth or transform their smile into something beautiful. Contact Woodmen Views Dentistry today!

Dental Emergency

True dental emergencies are very rare; however, there are times when you might be in need of assistance. Call our office if you are experiencing a dental emergency and we will get you in as soon as possible.

Dental Bridges

At Woodmen Views Dentistry, we can replace your missing teeth with durable, high-quality dental bridges that restore your smile and the functionality of your mouth with natural-looking replacements.

Specialty Dentures

For patients who are missing most or all of their teeth, Woodmen Views Dentistry can help restore your smile! We are pleased to offer a variety of denture treatments for our patients, including specialty dentures


Do you have crooked teeth, but don’t want to wear braces? Want clear braces? Talk to our dentist at Woodmen Views Dentistry in 
Colorado Springs to find out if you are eligible for Invisalign.

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Dr. Dwayne Moore provides an assortment of services, including:

​Our Colorado Springs Dentist offers routine Dental appointments and emergency services to children, teenagers and adults.

Fast Treatment For a Toothache 

When a tooth is infected, Dwayne Moore DDS, Best dentist in Colorado Springs, will rush you into a dental chair to examine your mouth and to collect medical images. A toothache requires fast treatment with antibiotics and special cleanings to remove the bacteria from the tooth and gum tissue. If the infection has spread into the pulp of the tooth, then a root canal is necessary to remove all of the bacteria along with the nerves and roots of the tooth. After the debris is removed from the tooth, our dentist will fill it with a durable waterproof substance before covering the tooth with a customized dental crown.

Repair Of a Dislodged Tooth or Performing a Root Canal

An emergency dentist Colorado Springs appointment is also required when a tooth is dislodged during a vehicular collision or while playing contact sports. You should know how to care for a dislocated tooth to preserve it until you bring it to our Colorado Springs dentist. The proper place for a dislodged tooth is back inside your mouth, and you can reinsert it into the correct socket. If you are worried that you will swallow the loose tooth, then place it in a cup of lukewarm water or wrap it gently in a damp cloth. Don’t rub at the tooth’s roots or exterior because you can damage the nerves. Bring the tooth to our dental office within an hour to begin the process of saving it. Our dentist can stabilize the tooth by using wires to attach it to the surrounding teeth. 

Dental Bridges or Implants

When the dislodged tooth won’t stay healthy inside your mouth, it is possible to replace it with a dental implant or bridge. It is possible to create a natural-looking restoration for your mouth that looks attractive and that functions normally. With a dental implant, our dentist inserts a titanium post into your jawbone that will hold a screw. The full dental crown is placed on the screw inside of your mouth, and it remains in your mouth while you are brushing or flossing your teeth. When you aren’t a candidate for a dental implant, you can have a fixed or removable dental bridge that has a beautiful crown that provides an attractive smile. 

Routine Appointments With Professional Cleaning At Woodmen Views Dentistry

It is important to visit Woodmen Views Dentistry every six months for a checkup to find dental problems in the earliest stages. Our Colorado Springs dentist can fill a small cavity in only a few minutes, and if you have gingivitis, then you can begin immediate treatment to avoid serious problems that can lead to tooth loss. During your routine appointment, a dental hygienist will clean your teeth with special equipment to remove a buildup of plaque that can cause halitosis or gum tissue. The removal of plaque helps to prevent tooth decay, and it will also improve your breath.


Contact Us for the Best Dentist In Colorado Springs Dental Services 

When you need an emergency dentist in Colorado Springs you can count on Woodmen Views Dentistry right away when an infection or injury occurs to your teeth or gums. Some of the problems that can require emergency attention from our dentist include having a toothache from a large cavity or a root infection. If your face or gum tissue is throbbing, swollen or bleeding, then call us immediately. Delaying your treatment for a toothache can lead to worse problems such as infections in the dental roots, alveolar bones or jawbone. 

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